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Announcing JIRA Plugin for MSM

I’m pleased to announce that we have just released our new JIRA Plugin for MSM v14.3. This is the first plugin developed specifically for our new plugin framework. 

We have many customers that use JIRA for their project management and MSM for their service management. The JIRA Plugin for MSM allows users to view, create, link and unlink issues in JIRA from requests in MSM. It achieves this with a custom request number field in JIRA. This allows an MSM request to be linked to any number of JIRA issues. These issues are displayed in a window on the request page:

JIRA Plugin for MSM

Open Source

We have open sourced the JIRA Plugin for MSM. It can be found on our new Marval Software GitHub organisation. In addition to being a great learning tool for future MSM plugin development, we hope to encourage contributions to this plugin from the community. If the plugin doesn’t do exactly what you want now, please fork it and contribute your changes back!


In the future we want to extend our integration with JIRA further by automatically updating requests in MSM from issues in JIRA. Specifically, we want to allow the automatic moving of an MSM request into a new status when all of its associated JIRA issues are marked as done. If you have any other ideas please feel free to raise them as issues on GitHub.

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