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Why we are going down the ISO27001 Process

By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Global Service Desk, Marval


Marval is a company that believes in processes. Not any processes, but the ones that are tested, tried and proven to produce great results. Our operations are built on the adoption, reinforcement and improvement of first-rate processes that help us provide a consistent, reliable customer experience. And a positive customer experience can only be delivered within a healthy and safe infrastructure, where risks are properly managed and provisions are taken so that data safety and privacy will not be compromised.


Most organisations have a policy in place for IT security. So do we. As we continually evaluate and improve our processes and policies, we decided to certify our environment against the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for Information Security. This decision was not made lightly, of course. It is part of our corporate strategy towards CSI, which includes investment in a solid, secure IT environment. We believe that ISO/IEC 27001 is a great standard that epitomises everything a good security process should stand for:

-          A clear focus on IT security management

-          A team structure that supports the implementation of the process

-          An enterprise-wide philosophy that promotes accountability, personal responsibility, standardised methods of working, and continual improvements

-          A culture that instils confidence in the organisation, its brand and the service delivery.


We started the certification process knowing that it’s a good security practice to adopt. Down the road, we had our standard practices challenged, our process examined and evaluated and our effectiveness measured. It wasn’t an easy thing, but it was highly beneficial and helped us develop a unique insight in our operations, as well as identify specific areas of improvement. Through this certification process, we ‘ve worked thoroughly on our infrastructure and predefined operations, and made several amendments. We had to manage a big work overload with several hours spent on examination and evaluation of existing processes, deal with some frustration and face a new culture that would challenge our pre-established beliefs (that was perhaps the hardest part), but the team was fully committed and dedicated to making things work – and we did.


We began the ISO/IEC 270001 certification process because we believe in processes that are tested, tried and proven to produce great results. We shall end this journey with a better process in place, fully compliant with recognised international standards for information security; with a well-trained and even more confident team; and an enterprise-wide policy that furthers a healthy and safe infrastructure, where risks are properly managed and all provisions are taken for data safety.


We ‘ll be better positioned than ever before to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.



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