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Where There’s Will, There’s A Way

By Greg Pritchett, Managing Director, Marval


A few days ago -following the 115th anniversary of its discovery-, we saw several online references and stories about the Antikythera mechanism; an astonishing 2000-year-old calculator which is classified as the world’s first computer.

This unique and thought provoking mechanism is the proof that advanced technology has been around for thousands of years before it dominated our world to become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Our ancestors (and being half Greek myself, perhaps they really do fall in this category) had actually invented calculating systems which were absolutely genius in their ability to apply complicated algorithms, many centuries before they developed basic (and perhaps simpler) inventions, like electricity or air conditioning systems. The scientists are yet to deduce how our ancestors managed to design and assemble a mechanism which is so close to our advanced machines, overcoming the limitations of their age. It is beyond common sense and any stretch of the imagination. Still, this brilliant mechanism is there!

Which proves that true innovation does not have any limitation at all – and never did. Probably because innovation is not just an idea, but the realisation and application of that idea in an existing environment. Innovation is the evolution of an idea into a new way of doing things, using either a new tool or a new process. When an innovative idea is born, the people involved will find a way to realise it, exceeding their means and overcoming any obstacles in the way. There’s nothing that could potentially stop the evolutionary process, after it’s started. Whether a sole individual or a whole team working on them, some innovative ideas will bubble to the surface, vanquish any obstacle and make their way – changing our lives once and for ever.

2000 years and several technological advancements later, innovations still manage to surprise us with their transformative power and effect; introducing new technologies and new processes that will facilitate change, improve our operations and help us do things better, faster or easier. From the world’s first computer to the Cloud, Internet of Things or Business Analytics, the human race has come a long and interesting way, accompanied by formidable ideas for making the world a better place and bringing people to the centre of our enhanced ecosystems.

Innovation is an evolutionary process, a wonderful change. It all comes from an esoteric need to explore and discover ways to improve our lives, that has been satisfying the curiosity of human nature since our very first steps on this planet. It’s an overwhelming power, a desire to make things better. And like my dad always told me during my formative years in early adulthood, “where there’s will, there’s always a way”.

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