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Untangling Ariadne’s Thread in Service Management

By Dean Johnson, Support Analyst, Marval


It’s a cliché, but very true: No two companies are the same.

Companies are just like people. Each one has its own personality, consisting of their history, values, vision, people and the way they conduct business. Each one bears a different footprint in the market, as well as its own brand and reputation.

The differences are not limited to business aspects, like vision and corporate brand; they go down to the operational level and the IT itself. More than ever before, organisations today base their operations on processes and technology. The technology and processes they employ are usually customised to match their particular needs and support their business operations. They are designed and implemented in a way that’s supposed to help them work smoothly and effectively, and achieve their operational goals faster.

When it comes to IT, each company has its own, unique environment which can be anything, from very simple to highly complicated (the latter more often than not). The complexity and uniqueness of each infrastructure can affect the way, speed and effectiveness IT Service is delivered. When a request is raised, the Service Desk Analyst has to work out the best way to respond effectively and come to a resolution as soon as possible. They need to figure out specific aspects of the customer’s infrastructure and understand how the incident affects their operations, what the priority is and what the potential impact might be. Not an easy task, I can tell you.

The good news is that advanced ITSM tools, like Marval MSM, offer a pre-designed roadmap that accelerates the collection of data, making sure that no critical information is forgotten and helping Analysts get a clear and accurate overview of the situation faster. Smart knowledge management features provide suggestions to potential solutions, while the Service Desk team can use collaboration tools to share data and hands-on experience real-time. Relevant information that can be crucial to evaluating and handling the incident (such as previous incidents or the customer’s feedback) pops-up to help the Analyst get an even more precise insight of the customer’s infrastructure and any previous interactions.

Having these tools in hand can actually reduce the pressure and increase collaboration and confidence of the Service Desk staff; while the customer enjoys faster and better service.

Companies are unique, and so are their operations and IT environments. Actually, a company’s infrastructure is like a maze: unique, complicated, and you have to hit a few dead ends before you find the answer. Still, great processes and great technology can help you untangle Ariadne’s thread and find your way out effectively and quickly.




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