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14 Tips for a successful Continual Service Improvement implementation

By Alexander Hocking, Senior Implementation Consultant at Marval Software


1. Start small and simple. Don’t be over-ambitious or unrealistic. This is key.

2. Get the buy-in and support of your senior managers. They will help you more than you realise if you sell the concept in the right way.

3. Be adaptable in the way you ‘sell’ Continual Service Improvement (CSI). People need to hear a message that resonates with them, the individual. One size will never fit all.

4. Allocate ownership of CSI. This includes being  responsible for the culture, the process and morale – we recommend more than one person, not an individual.

5. Make it easy for people to share their ideas for improvements. E.g. via formal meetings, ‘suggestion box’ etc. Add a competitive element by awarding a small prize e.g. for the best 3 ideas each month.

6. Each idea, no matter how small, is potentially valuable and worthy of being treated as such. Always acknowledge receipt of these precious fledgling ideas with grace – the originator could be the new entrepreneur of the next decade.

7. Implement a CSI Change Advisory Board (CAB) with balanced representation from all interested parties from both IT and the business. The CSI CAB should meet regularly and provide feedback on ideas both accepted and rejected.

8. If an idea is rejected, treat the originator with sensitivity and courtesy. Explain nicely why their idea was not accepted this time. This helps maintain motivation to suggest other ideas.

9. Ultimately, it is people that make CSI work, not tools or techniques. Good tools and techniques enable people to work more effectively, but without the hearts and minds of people your CSI plans are unlikely to flourish.

10. Seek customer feedback. Customers are your best source for finding out what really works for your organisation.

11. Remember that CSI is not a project with a start and end date – it is continual. This requires on going commitment, belief and support from the top. 

12. Effective and successful CSI is always looking and planning at least one step ahead. Get into the habit of  being forward looking and forward thinking.

13. Promote your CSI activities and successes. Keep everyone engaged and interested. 

14. Use your IT Service Management software to manage the CSI process.


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