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The Power That Comes From Within


By Greg Pritchett, Managing Director, Marval Software


If you are a child of the 60’s or 70’s, you probably have seen the movie “Chariots of Fire”- or at least heard of it. It’s the true story of very different people who strive for excellence and are driven by the same passion and commitment to make their most daring dream come true. The main character describes his passion as “the power that comes from within” and that’s just one of many strong messages of this movie. The inspiring cinematic soundtrack helps stimulate the message, of course!

Marval Software is a great paradigm of what passion and dedication can do. When my partner, Don Page, and I (two very different people) started some 28 years ago, all we had was the passion for exceptional service delivery, and a mission, to help organisations achieve excellence using cutting-edge technology. Passion and dedication were more than enough to give us a privileged, powerful start in the market. Having developed a great product definitely helped boost our kick off and establish Marval as a compelling service management platform.

Since then our team has grown (both in the UK and overseas), our service portfolio has expanded, our products have improved and our customer base has spread in size and sophistication. And yet, one thing was not affected by our rapid and steady expansion: the passion that fires up our operations.

Despite its growth, Marval Software has the philosophy and culture of a friendly, local business. Our decision-making process is fast, as is the execution; our business and product knowledge is holistic; our approach is flexible and customised to meet ad hoc needs; our service is prompt, energetic and personal. Marval professionals don’t work on accounts; they work with the customers to deliver outstanding solutions and services. Being privately owned, we are able to make decisions for the product with our customers’ best interest in heart, catering primarily for our customers instead of shareholders/investors who might change the company course to optimise profit/return. Our relationship with our customers is based on integrity and trust. We know them and they know us for what we truly are: a partner who will be by their side, no matter what.

Our global model is equally… local. We have entrusted our global operations to proficient local offices, who share the same ethos and priorities. Our global teams are small but rounded and extensive, knowledgeable and absolutely focused on customer service.

We don’t have offices in every country across the globe yet, but we are there when a customer needs us. We don’t make much noise in the market, but we listen to customer feedback and take it on board. We don’t bother with fancy product names and do not invent new ways of rebadging old solutions, but we do care for quality and compliance, and we develop new features to satisfy our customers’ ever evolving needs.   

And of course, we base our success on our people. A team of talented and committed professionals, very unique and different as individuals, but all driven by the same passion for exceptional service delivery, thirsty for results and striving for excellence. Our people are our strongest asset; our power that comes from within.

I don’t have any lifting music to support my message and, quite frankly, I don’t need any. I have a solid and passionate team, people with dedication and the same energy that fuelled our start 28 years ago, a flowing power that comes from within. That’s music to my ears!

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