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Service Management in Higher education – Managing Student Experience

Managing services effectively and efficiently is key to any industry that attend the needs of thousands of end-users.  This axiom is no less true in the education sector, where university students from all areas of the world converge upon one place to undertake their studies. Every one of these students will be familiar with a world in which their smartphones provide them with instant access to services and their data and expect no less from the support services their educational institution provides.  

Whether it’s maps and directions across campus; student guild services or something as simple as accessing the Wi-Fi in a hall of residence, students will expect solutions to be available at the click of a button. If for some reason services become unavailable, they will expect a solution to be found as soon as is practicable.

To ensure these needs are fulfilled you need to consider both the exact scope and design of your service offering.

Adopting a service management software solution will be the starting point; you will then need to design the service catalogue for both staff and students, clearly detailing and documenting the services offered. 

The next step would be the creation of a self-service portal for students to explore your service catalogue; monitor the status of existing university services; respond to surveys sent to them by the university or communicate any issues to the service delivery team. The self-service portal should ideally contain knowledge articles on a range of useful information which students can use to diagnose and solve their own issues, providing you with metrics to help your organisation shift left and streamline your provision.  

Don’t forget to educate and inform your staff and market the service catalogue. To be effective you will need to market all aspects of IT: your organisation, structure, staff, products, services, support and benefits, all alongside your services philosophy.

Very often you will need external trainers will help your staff gain confidence and familiarise themselves with the operation of the software, so they can respond to student requests, maintain their service catalogue and provide excellent customer service.

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