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Service Desk: How To Improve Employee Engagement And Reduce Turnover

By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Marval


While many organisations have opted for more friendly, open and flexible work models, employee engagement remains one of their most pressing challenges. In fact, according to a Gallup global research, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work; despite the systematic and continuous efforts of managers and HR professionals to improve that figure.

As more enterprises deploy Business Transformation projects than ever before, though, the engagement and active involvement of their teams becomes even more important, for a number of good reasons; including employee turnover, absenteeism and productivity. These metrics are crucial when it comes to the Service Desk of course, as they can affect the reliability, consistency and quality of the service provided.

So what can an organisation do to increase engagement and job satisfaction of their Service Desk staff? Here’s eight proven ways:

Communicate expectations clearly. The role of the Service Desk has evolved and so have the expectations (either within the organisation or from customers). It’s important that all members of the team understand their role within the team and the organisation; what the objectives are and what is expected by them to contribute to a successful outcome.

Recognise and share success. When they do a great job, let them know. In fact, let everyone know. Use reports and facts to share the team’s success across the organisation and celebrate personal achievements and milestones within the team.

Foster open communication. Having a collaborative team will not only boost their sense of belonging, but also enable knowledge transferring and informal learning amongst the team members. These should be in the form of regular, time bound communication meetings so that points are raised and discussed constructively.  

Ask for the team’s feedback. It’s important that your team can speak freely and raise any matters, so you can address them promptly. It’s also important they know that you care and listen to their concerns.

Encourage initiative. People need to feel safe and welcome to bring a little bit of themselves at work. While following the company’s process is non-negotiable, encouraging people to enrich interactions with customers with elements of their personality will make them feel more relaxed; and enable them to provide an even better customer service.

Trust and delegate. Who wouldn’t appreciate more opportunities for personal development, practicing new skills and enhancing their experience? Delegation is the proof that you trust your people to be successful individually or as project teams, employ their best skills and produce the desired outcome. Delegation is not the same as getting everyone else to do your work so choose what and why you delegate carefully.

Arm your team with the right tools. There’s nothing more demotivating for a hard-working Service Desk team than a failing IT environment. Having the right Service Management tool in place will give your team reassurance, peace of mind and the confidence to face any challenge effectively and with a smile.

Reinforce a customer-centric culture. A solid culture, shared across the team, will glue everyone together. The old adage about a teacher saying their job would be better if it wasn’t for pesky pupils applies to IT Service Management professionals and their customers.


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