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Service Desk and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

By Chris Brown, Product Trainer, Marval


Our past affects our future; any good or bad decisions we make bear an impact on what will happen in the years to come. This applies to the Service Desk, too.


Who doesn’t love a classic Christmas tale? Those heart-warming stories where things are about to go downhill but something magical happens, a true miracle, and the good always prevails in the end, are my perfect way of spending a relaxing holiday afternoon. I get lost in the opulence of language, the plenitude of messages and the nobility of human nature as it is celebrated in its full grandeur, endorsing all the little things that are important to people: interest, care, comfort, and personal engagement. The same little (but great) things that make all the difference in customer service.

Customer service is increasingly becoming a critical business function, due to its direct link and impact to an organisation’s success and growth. Since it is a customer-facing function, its effectiveness goes beyond the typical business framework and depends greatly on the potency of human interactions. Customer service is about people who interact with each other: the Service Desk staff and the customers. Their interactions carry the characteristics of the things that matter to people, in different levels of volume and intensity: interest, care, comfort, and personal engagement. And first and foremost, culture.


There are organisations out there that have already invested in improving their customer-centric culture by adopting great tools and a process-based approach, to upgrade and advance their service delivery. In some cases, though, this investment fails to produce the expected results – or is taking a lot more to deliver the anticipated return on the initial investment. This can be due to a number of reasons, with the human equation being very common.

So often we deploy a technological solution and wait for a miracle to happen. The truth is that technology, great as it may be, won’t make miracles: people will. The people who use the technology are the ones who enrich the customer experience with care and interest, making it truly unique. If people don’t have the confidence to use the tools that are available to them, the customer experience is compromised. That’s why any investment in technology should be supported by good training at the start and refreshing courses throughout the year, so people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to supply impeccable service on every occasion they interact with the customer. Past does affect the future, and the decision to make employees’ training a priority will bear an impact on the service the organisation delivers, and its continual improvement process.

When great people are supported by great technology and feel confident to make the most of it, then miracles can happen. There’s nothing magical about it, as there’s no magic recipe for delivering great service. It all comes down to hard work; the dedication of a great team of people, who follow solid processes and employ fantastic technology, and knowledge, the glue that will hold them all together and help the Service Desk staff enhance service delivery, with all those little and great things that really matter to customers.

Merry Christmas!


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