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Riding High In Customer Service: A Matter Of Trust

By Lianne Larner, Operations Manager, Marval Software


Riding has always been one of my most cherished hobbies, with show jumping and cross country being a particular passion. Wherever I was, no matter what was happening in my life, I had my horse to share the great or not so great moments; a partner who was always there to help me overcome any challenge.

We have a special bond, you see. We know and understand each other very well; we appreciate each other’s needs, both our common and our personal difficulties and the things that work for us, as individuals and as a team. Over the years, we have developed a solid relationship in which we both feel comfortable and trust each other (essential when you are riding at speed towards a jump!). We are true and genuine partners.

You might consider this a far-fetched analogue, but the relationship Marval Software develops with its loyal and returning customers is based on the same pattern. Just like any partnership with a horse and rider, a customer relies fully on Marval, and expects us to understand their needs and difficulties and provide confidence and satisfactory solutions. They have faith in our abilities and experience to guide them through their ITSM journey and rise above any obstacle that may appear on their path.

We get to know them and they get to know us. We discuss their organisation’s culture around customer service and how this culture will be supported and reinforced with the implementation of Marval MSM. We listen to their challenges, we understand the ways they operate as a team and collaborate with other departments and functions in their organisation, we work with them to meet their priorities and address any liabilities. We establish a business relationship which is based on the elements of successful and functional human interactions: careful listening, genuine interest in their needs and challenges, and real effort to respond efficiently.

This model has proven to be a successful one for both our customers and Marval. Not because we say so. Because our customers say so and reaffirm their trust year over year. In fact, more than 45% of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years!

Take it from the horse’s mouth: The most successful implementations are built upon open and dynamic relationships between the customer and the provider. The successful implementation of your ITSM solution will not happen overnight. It requires understanding, mutual trust and the establishment of a solid and cogent partnership. If you are just starting your journey towards service management excellence, make sure you find a partner you feel comfortable with; one who has experience in your industry, who will understand where you want to go and design the path to get you there safe and sound. It’s the most effective way to ride high in customer service and get a quick and considerable return on your investment.


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