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Reinventing Marval: Our Transformation Journey

In 1989, Don Page and I had this mad idea about developing a tool that would reinvent the way service was delivered - bringing people before process and technology and evolving ticketing systems and Help Desks to Service Desks. Totally invigorated, led by an unusual passion and with an irrepressible enthusiasm (and much ignorance, I should add), we founded Marval.

28 successful years later, I can’t help feeling the same enthusiasm and regenerated energy, as we are embarking on another exciting journey: that of reinventing Marval.

By Greg Pritchett, Managing Director, Marval


Marval had never been your typical software provider. We’ve always believed that great service is provided by great people, following great process and supported by great technology. Great customer service is a matter of the right culture being instilled both within the Service Desk and across the organisation. That’s exactly what we do. We don’t sell software. We provide the foundation (tools, services, education and full support) for organisations to transform service delivery and achieve their most critical business and operational objectives. We help businesses develop and adopt new ways of thinking and doing things.

Since our background is that of ITSM practitioners rather than developers, we’ve always designed ITSM tools the way we wanted them to be, according to what we believed was best for the customer. Our primary focus was never on what businesses needed (or thought they needed), but on what the businesses’ customers expected: an impeccable, reliable and consistent service experience.

Recently an ITSM consultant said something to me which I thought distilled everything down so simply: “In ANY business there are just two service metrics that you need, customer and employee satisfaction. Get both of these right and you are doing a fantastic job.” Marval MSM is designed to help Service Desks satisfy and improve these two crucial metrics. That’s what’s made Marval so different and our solutions so unique and relevant to the ever-evolving market.

It’s not just the market that’s evolved, though. Marval has grown too, and so have our needs, possibilities and prospects. In the past few months, we established a new strategic plan for our worldwide expansion; we discovered hidden gems within our teams; we released capabilities we didn’t know we had, and developed a few skills that we needed to move forward. Our solutions are being enhanced with new features, our approach is being adjusted to reflect our new dynamic, and our culture is being reformed to support the abrasive, disruptive change we are going through. It’s our own business transformation journey.

We have come a long way since our foundation in 1989. When we started we didn’t have any product, customers nor industry awareness; but we were full of ideas, determination and excitement for the journey ahead. Today we start another exciting journey, but with a great product, a fantastic customer base and a considerable amount of market expertise, all in place; what an advantageous starting point to embark from!

Marval is being transformed; it is changing every hour, taking new shapes and forms and establishing renovated processes. We live and breathe change. We have just entered the next significant phase (and maybe the biggest) of our history; being more mature and confident than ever, ready to flourish and thrive. It’s a creative, stimulating time at Marval. No wonder I feel the same passion and irrepressible enthusiasm I was feeling 28 years ago. Only now it’s not ignorance, but awareness and experience that makes it all so wonderfully exciting.


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