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Rare And Hidden Talents

By Poonam Patel, HR Manager, Marval Software

As any football fan knows, great players don’t want to sit on the bench and watch the game. They want to be part of it. Great players will grab any opportunity to shape the game and contribute to a successful outcome. Well – this is true for great talents, too.

Being an HR Manager, I come across many different people with varied skills, abilities and, of course, social styles. My long experience in human resources has shown that the best talents are usually the most eager to get engaged with different tasks, develop new skills and be challenged with new projects. Great talents won’t settle with simple and limited responsibilities. They want to stress their capabilities, explore new paths and make a difference. Therefore, they look for workplaces that support people’s resourcefulness and encourage their employees to evolve.

Marval Software fosters this culture. We want our employees to be happy and successful in their roles and encourage them to get involved in new activities and projects that will help them enhance their skills’ palate.

The company offers several opportunities for our people to learn new things. We don’t have isolated silos; instead, we form vibrant, collaborative teams across several business functions, where people from different departments come together to work on a number of projects. Each of them will contribute their unique experience, while getting their hands on new activities and walking in other people’s shoes.

Team managers are always supportive to staff’s initiatives. We know from experience that it’s people who make the difference in an organisation and we want our employees to be able to face their daily challenges with confidence.

We also want our people to feel appreciated for the value they bring to Marval. For those who feel ready to move forward and be challenged further, Marval Software offers intriguing career paths and several exciting advancement opportunities. Many of our employees move to new roles within the company or are assigned new responsibilities in their current positions.

With its supportive and open-minded environment, Marval Software nurtures a workplace where great talents thrive. And great talents are not rare in this company. It’s not just that we select great talents to join us (which we do); it’s that great talents select Marval and choose to stay with us, as well.




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