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Nurturing Efficient And Happy Service Desk Teams

It takes a lot of effort to build an efficient Service Desk team. It takes even more effort to keep it.

By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Marval

Being the Manager of a busy Global Service Desk, I know that Support Analysts work under a lot of pressure. Even within a friendly and supportive work environment (like the one I believe we have at Marval), my team has to deal with ongoing challenges, occasionally increased workload, strict deadlines, and (as in any customer-facing job) with many personal interactions, some of which can be stressful and overwhelming.

My team consists of excellent professionals. They all are well-trained, specialists in their particular fields and passionate about customer service. They work well together as a team, they are collaborative and willing to help. They share a strong culture and have a good idea of their own identity.

I am responsible for their wellness; I want them to feel appreciated and to know that the fantastic job they are doing is recognised. Recognition and appreciation are key words. I had a look recently at the OfficeTeam survey results, stating that almost 50% of workers would leave their jobs if they didn’t feel appreciated. Personally, I am not surprised. People have three basic work needs: to feel safe, accepted, and to feel appreciated. When these primary needs are satisfied, they have the foundation to thrive.

In our team, we use Marval MSM to satisfy these needs and help our Support Analysts thrive, by:

- Being safe - Our ITSM platform supports openness and participation; staff are welcomed (in fact, they are encouraged) to contribute their remarks and suggest potential improvements. Using the tool, they know they are in a safe and friendly environment where their voice is heard.

- Being accepted - Marval MSM reinforces team collaboration. Its smart features help the Service Desk staff share knowledge and tips, be more accessible, and make the most of our available resources at any instant; simply put, work effectively as a team. We have an enhanced sense of belonging in our team, which is assisted by great technology.

- Being appreciated - I know my team does a great job; I want everyone to know. Marval MSM helps me share and celebrate their successes within my team and across our global organisation, highlighting performance results, including customer feedback and recognising any improved metrics and milestones.

MSM helps me, as a Service Desk Manager, keep my team happy and engaged, and increase their loyalty and job satisfaction.

I have a well-trained team. We have great processes in place and the tool to support us. Most importantly, I have faith in my team to overcome any challenge efficiently - knowing that their commitment is noticed, noted and recognised.


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