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No Pain, No Gain: Why undergoing the ISO/IEC 27001 Process was worth it

By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Global Service Desk, Marval


If you have been following Marval recently, then you are probably aware that we have started the certification process against the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for Information Security. In fact, we are almost there; we see the end of a journey which has been challenging, but also exciting and enriching.


In general, going through a certification process can be very demanding, unsettling, even upsetting for any team; particularly a close team who have been successfully employing processes for a long time. That’s my team and, while we were very familiar with adopting and following processes (and big advocates of the concept, too), we were not ready to have all our processes and ways examined, questioned and challenged. Because that’s what the certification process was about.


There were times that we felt lost, tired and displaced; that we doubted not just the process we were going through, but also our abilities, competencies and skills. At the end, it was all worth it though, since:

  • We had the opportunity to see our operations with a fresh look, through the eyes of an independent consultant.
  • We accepted that we are not perfect – and worked on our areas of improvement.
  • We lost and then found again our faith in processes, which we now follow with refreshed enthusiasm and confidence.
  • We recognised that change is a good thing (at the end).
  • We shared a vision and a set of objectives, and worked hard collaboratively to have them realised.


Yes, we shall be able to proudly present this great certification to our organisation, our partners and our customers. We’ll be better positioned to deliver impeccable customer experiences. And we have proved that our Information Security strategy is thorough and very well-thought. But this journey was mostly worth our investment because it has brought to surface our best qualities and showed us that, as a team, we can achieve anything we set our mind to. It was a lesson for life to us all.


As we see the end of a journey that has been challenging but so enriching, we are overwhelmed by our feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment. We are almost there and we are stronger together. Everything has fallen into place.



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