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ITSM Implementation: How To Put Your Right Foot Forward

By Robert Hall, Support Analyst, Marval


You ‘ve just acquired your new Service Management system – congratulations! Now starts the real fun: uploading corporate data. I know, it doesn’t sound like fun really; actually, some IT Professionals would classify it as a real nightmare. The truth is, it could turn into a very tricky step, unless managed methodically and properly.

So how can you go through this important part fast and hassle-free? Here’s a list of things you should take into account:

A project to manage: Just like any other implementation, this is a small project and basic project management principles apply here, as well. Start by defining a project manager who will be responsible for the successful implementation and let them develop a plan – engaging other departments and functions from the beginning.

Clean up: If your organisation has been operating for a number of years, it would probably have collected a lot of data. Not all of them will be of the same value, use or priority. Focus on clearing up this data and uploading information that is really useful to your organisation. That should save you some storage space, too!

Access rights: Different data should be accessed by different groups or roles. Although data safety is a priority for most organisations today, this crucial area is often overlooked. Make sure that you add personalised access levels to your system from the beginning, to ensure compliance from day one (and avoid additional risks in the future).

Report on progress: It’s very likely that more operations in your organisations will be interested in the project. By keeping them informed of any progress (and actual or potential issues) you make sure they have the right expectations; and remain engaged throughout the process.

Test before use: It’s rather obvious that thorough testing is required before going live. It’s better that tests are performed by varied users, groups or roles, though, who have different needs and will be using the system for different tasks. This way, you make sure that all information needed is actually available and ready to use.

Uploading corporate data can be a nightmare if not managed properly. When you selected your Service Management tool, you actually selected a partner to drive you through the process. An experienced partner will guide you every step of the way and make implementation a positive experience, not only handling but indeed predicting any hurdles and acting upon them before they even occur. Marval’s experience has shown that uploading corporate data can be an easy-going first step to a successful implementation of Marval MSM; one that will help the organisation put the right foot forward, transform Service Management and get a rapid return on its investment.

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