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ITSM goes global

Supporting your organisation’s global strategy can be a real struggle. More than any features, you need tools that empower people to embrace change.

By Mon Dulay, ITSM Business Development Manager, Marval Software

We live in a globalised world. What used to be our point of focus, a specific local market, is now a vibrant global village with no frontiers and no limits. This new setup has generated new trends, new opportunities and a lot of new, pressing needs. Organisations tend to expand their operations, either physically or virtually, all across the globe; and need their infrastructure to be able to support their plans.

This practically means that IT Operations are requested:

  • to enable business communications by providing faster and more reliable connections
  • to accelerate business decisions by employing data management and business analytics tools
  • to facilitate employee mobility, by adopting BYOD or CYOD models
  • to enhance security and compliance, by establishing proven procedures and following global standards

These are just a few of the most common challenges that the CIOs have to respond to; and they are requested to respond effectively, with the same or less resources. In other words, they have to, not only deliver upon, but also drive digital transformation; and they have to do it smarter, simpler, faster and cheaper.

A well-established ITSM process and tool can help. Not just because it provides the technology to help CIOs meet critical objectives, such as cost reduction, productivity improvement and security increase. These are essential, critical points; but the real difference is in the change of culture. Above and beyond any improvement, a rich ITSM tool can help cultivate new ways of thinking, develop new approaches to known problems and establish new processes that will help the organisation further their reach.

After all, this is a globalised world - and we need tools that can support the extensive and expanding needs of the modern enterprise; not by providing a bunch of features, but by empowering people to embrace cultural change.

I am proud to say that Marval MSM does exactly that.


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