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Is your service desk ready to be measured?

If your business had to pay for its IT services would they pay for your Service Desk or would they look externally and pay a third party to deliver this service?

It’s a very competitive space we now operate in and having the ability to prove to your business that you are delivering services to industry recognised targets is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.  Whether you plan to go down the accreditation route such as an ISO standard or the Service Desk Institute Certification programme or simply deliver excellence outside of these schemes its important to have a benchmark to base your goals around.

Service desks typically provide services based on core ITIL processes. These vary from process to process, an understanding of how and why you should create these processes and being prepared to be measured against these sends out a big statement.

Service Management Managers have to ensure their teams are aligned and share the vision and passion that is required to be held up and counted. By having clear and measurable objectives your team will be able to see the vision and understand the steps that need to be collectively taken to reach the final goal. Motivated and target driven staff will stay focused and strive to deliver quality service time after time.

Where does customer service fit into the big picture? If you don’t factor in or have a clear vision about customer service you stand to undo much of your hard work.

What do you want your customer experience to be like? Memorable? Rich? Fast or simplified? All good words but they don’t provide the substance of what you stand for. Your vision should be crystal clear, your strategy simple and straight forward; this is what we want to achieve and this is how we are going to do it.

The solution; Make sure your team understands and embraces your vision. Share the objectives and let them see how their good work affects (and improves) the organisation as a whole. Help them see the big picture by highlighting their individual contributions to the business success.

You can take it to the next level by aligning your team’s performance to the business objectives.

If you can do this then your business, if it had to, would almost certainly pay for your IT services.


By Richard West 

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