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How To Maximise Your Investment In People, Process And Technology

By Chris Brown, Product Trainer, Marval


When thinking of your Service Desk resources, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


The word “resources” means a lot of things really, but most Service Desk professionals would think of their most valuable resource first: People. Service Desk staff are indeed a very important, and expensive to maintain and replace, resource. They are the ones that impact Customer Service more than any other factor, by strengthening or harming your brand; practising or ignoring your corporate values, and complementing or damaging your customer-centric culture.


In most cases, people want to be successful at work. They want to perform well, progress well and make a difference. Service Desk staff are no exception to the rule. It would be fair to assume that your team bring their best self to work, and expect the organisation to equip them with the right assets, so they can do their job efficiently and be the best they can be.


By investing in a sophisticated Service Management tool, like Marval MSM, you will have provided them with the right technology and tools that will help them achieve more. To really build a confident and highly productive Service Desk team though, you need to provide them with sufficient training as well.


As a Service Desk Manager, you know that exceptional Customer Service is based upon good processes, advanced ITSM functionality and skilful people. Having your people properly trained and regularly updated on the system they are using, you enable them to:

-          Be more efficient and productive

-          Manage their requests with confidence

-          Increase their loyalty and trust in your organisation

-          Improve critical metrics and KPIs, both as individuals and as a team

-          Make the most of their working day, maximising the use of Marval MSM


Marval recently launched a new series of Public Training Courses. Held at our state-of-art training facilities in Kettering by experienced instructors, our Training Courses capitalise on the company's experience of 28 years in providing excellent ITSM training for users and line managers of any background and ability.


Upcoming courses in late-September include New Starter and Xtraction Reporting training; comprehensive educational materials and attendance certificates are provided to trainees for both courses, as well as an online assessment and certificate for those who attend the New Starter course.


People are the most valuable resource in your organisation and a determining factor for your Customer Service standards. Efficient and cost-effective training will empower your people to be the best they can be and deliver impeccable service to your customers.


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