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Fit Together: How Team Collaboration Helps Improve Service Delivery

By Dean Johnson, Support Analyst, Marval

At the start of another day in the office (where office is a very busy, global Service Desk), I login Marval MSM to check my agenda. A list of scheduled tasks waits for me every morning, on top of any new requests the day may bring. While I begin my work responding to emails and taking calls from customers, I take a glance around and see familiar, happy and encouraging faces. It’s good to be part of this solid, collaborative Service Desk team.

Collaborative is a key word here. I will let you in on a secret: Service Desks can be very lovely places at times. Analysts work long hours assisting upset (sometimes even rude) customers, trying to find a solution as soon as possible, while maintaining high standards of professionalism and an impeccable work attitude. Things don’t always go according to plan; sometimes systems fail, sometimes customers make mistakes (which they won’t happily admit), and sometimes we are required to suggest an unavoidable resolution that the customer won’t be thrilled to hear. Our jobs can involve a lot of pressure, stress and emotional exhaustion.

At this lonely place, Analysts can still thrive when they are properly supported. If you work in a friendly, supportive and collaborative environment, where you are appreciated, valued and encouraged to take initiatives, it is very likely that you will be able to overcome any challenges and be the best you can be, delivering great service. If you are with a hostile, dysfunctional and inconsiderate team (and I am using the word “team” very loosely here), chances are that you won’t be able to perform to your usual standards; and your customers won’t receive the service they are expecting.

Collaboration is part of a Service Desk’s culture. Among other critical values (like consistency, reliability, a customer-centric philosophy and a process-based approach), collaboration is a crucial element of any Service Desk, as it can directly impact customer service. Collaborative teams share knowledge; they focus on common targets and work together to achieve them; they perform faster and better; they integrate new members quickly; their members assist each other; their customers are put in priority and their service provision is more effective.

Team collaboration can be endorsed by processes and technology. For example, our ITSM tool, Marval MSM, integrates features that promote collaboration and advocate a solid culture across the Service Desk. Assisted by great technology, Analysts can become active, energetic contributors to continual service improvements, while helping each other so that the team, as a whole, works better, faster and more efficiently.

Whatever the day may bring, I know I have the support of my team. My colleagues are always there to help me if needed, to chat and share tips and knowledge, and to suggest ways of doing things better. I count on them and they count on me. We are a unified team of unique individuals who share the same objectives: to perform well and deliver exceptional service.

Some Service Desks may be lonely places. Our Service Desk is not one of them, though.


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