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Connecting the dots between Agile/DevOps and Service Management: How to Improve Control Over Your Complex Environment and Elevate Customer Service

Integrating Agile and DevOps with your Service Management may sound strange, but you will need it!


By Leo Ruijs, Operations Manager, Marval Benelux


Agile and DevOps have been very popular recently. The combination of a short-cycle approach as well as multifunctional product- (or service-) orientated teams ensures that new or adapted services can be realized rapidly and efficiently, and put into production at lower cost.

At the same time, we have witnessed the rapid growth of cloud services, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft's Azure and the Google Cloud platform. As with Agile and DevOps, speed of delivery is an important factor for the success of cloud services, too. The reason is obvious: the organization is able to respond more quickly to the ever-evolving needs of its customers, therefore improving customer service and other critical business metrics, such as customer loyalty and satisfaction.

These new trends seem to keep a distance from the traditional IT Service Management. Unlike Agile and DevOps, IT Service Management is often perceived as delaying, procedural and stifling. This perception has facilitated the development of a whole series of new products that penetrated the market; products that support the work methods of Agile and DevOps, particularly in the areas of ??Issue / Bug Tracking, Source Control, Continuous Integration and Deployment Management.

It is striking, however, that the new products seem to be based on an approach which is stalling, if not old-fashioned. While Service Management has evolved into a Service-orientated, these new products fail to identify service operations as a complete and multi-complex entity, and focus instead on the management of individual products and components: artifacts, images, containers, etc. 

The solution is clear: Ensure successful cooperation between Service Management, Agile / DevOps and Cloud solutions, where Service Management is the hub between your customers and your Service, Agile and DevOps teams.


Connecting the Dots

As Service management gives you control over the services that you offer to your customers, it needs to be able to pass on simple requests or notifications from customers to your development department also provide information of the progress in the handling of these notifications. If you want, Service management could facilitate approval stages that require interaction between the development departments and your service organization. You can also monitor the costs of external cloud services and link them directly to your internal customers.

The images below provide an overview of interactions that can take place in the processing of a fault report on an application and the roll-out of a VDI workstation for a new employee:





With the developments around Agile, DevOps and Cloud, Service management solutions need to offer (API based) interfaces with software products for Development, Continuous Integration and Deployments are also available.

Agile and DevOps have been popular as ever, for a reason: They really help facilitate and accelerate production, while reducing expenditure. By integrating these methods into Service Management, organizations can reap the benefits of great technology faster and most cost effectively, while significantly improving the customer experience and helping their teams make an impact.

The Marval Service Management solution is a powerful tool that helps organizations foster the right culture and provide a unique, personalized experience to every customer, on every occasion. Based on the principle that it’s the impact of the customer experience that makes the real difference to business success, MSM promotes continual improvement by helping professionals feel empowered, confident and inspired to build and deliver a memorable service. Not only for your Service (Management) teams, but also for your Agile, DevOps and Cloud teams.

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