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Business Decisions

By Robert Hall, Support Analyst, Marval

If you choose not to decide, you’ll still have made a choice – sang Geddy Lee of RUSH. And it is so true.

Life is full of decisions. In business we make decisions every day. These can be on a fairly basic level, such as remembering to order more stationery, or more advanced and far reaching, such as choosing a Service Management software tool.

Of course, as the first line suggests the decision could be to not bother. Don’t bother to order the photocopy paper, don’t bother to replenish the highlighter pens or staples. What would happen? You can’t imagine a modern office without photocopy paper – how would we print off those internal event posters, or our driving directions just in case the SatNav doesn’t work when we set off to visit a client?

But what if we didn’t select to choose a Service Management software tool? Is the decision an important one? Does it have far reaching implications? Who makes this decision? Based on what criteria?

For many organisations, selecting a Service Management tool is part of their overall strategy towards digital maturity and as such is integrated in the digital transformation plan. While introducing your Service Desk to more advanced and digitalised ways of working is primarily an IT decision, Enterprise Service Management exceeds the traditional IT framework as it relates to the business and its strategic goals. Customer Service has a direct impact to critical business metrics and the business’ success, and should reflect the organisation’s culture. Therefore, the decision for upgrading the way service is delivered is not just an IT decision, but a strategic business call.

Depending on the organisation’s priorities, the criteria for selecting a Service Management tool vary based on the environment and particular needs of each enterprise, but many organisations would consider whether the solution:

  • Supports good practice frameworks, like ITIL
  • Provides a friendly, functional and easy-to-use interface
  • Promotes key corporate values, like team collaboration, responsibility and accountability
  • Helps produce valuable reports that would document, support and accelerate change
  • Is flexible to accommodate their growing needs in the future

In business we make decisions every day. If we choose not to select a Service Management tool, we’ll still have made a decision: the decision not to invest in customer service, nor in our organisation’s sustainable growth and success. If we choose to upgrade our service delivery, it is important to select a Service Management tool that will reflect our corporate culture towards Customer Service: all the great things that we believe in, we stand for and we aspire to be; the culture that we want to cultivate across the organisation, as we build outstanding services that will make an impact.


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