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All Worked-Up: How Customer Service Technology Can Help Increase Job Satisfaction

By Robert Hall, Support Analyst, Marval

Work is not a four-letter word. Let me rephrase: work is not just a four-letter word. For most of us, work is where we spend probably one third (if not more) of our adult, productive years. It is linked to our needs for self-fulfilment, recognition, creativity, participation and inclusion. When our needs are not met, the work environment can become very stressful and unsatisfying indeed.

In Customer Service, we tend to spend a lot of time on the phone with customers. This can cause a feeling of isolation. Although we are in the same physical space with our line manager and other team members, we don’t always have the opportunity to engage into social interactions, even those that are work-related. In fact, most of our interactions are digital and assisted by emails, tools and applications. Therefore, it’s only natural that we occasionally feel disconnected and unfulfilled.

Work can be a very lonely place for Service Management professionals, I’m telling you. Day-to-day stress will only add to the negative emotions and feeling of disconnection with the rest of the team (and having to sit in front of a desk all day, with all the technology you need but very limited human interaction, won’t help either).

While technology is what we tend to blame for this isolation and disconnection, it is technology again that can help us increase team collaboration and job satisfaction. Great Service Management tools, like Marval MSM, do exactly that.

Marval MSM integrates smart features that help improve productivity, visibility and collaboration, such as:

·         Automatic assignment to the right person or team, based on their current workloads; bulk transfer of requests to other teams or individuals

·         Identification of staff with the right skills set (while also checking their availability)

·         Reporting on workload estimates, versus actual time spent

·         Identification of skills gaps, training needs and potential areas for improvement

·         Measurement of employee satisfaction to increase motivation and retention

It also helps encourage people’s feedback and contributions, and recognise their achievements and successes.

Service Management professionals are required to deal with a plethora of requests of various complexity, priority and urgency levels. They work under a lot of stress, they often feel isolated, and need to know they have the backing of their team and their manager. Great technology can help us build collaborative and highly interactive teams, overcome negative emotions, and increase career fulfilment and job satisfaction. It can help highlight each individual’s remarkable contributions and focus on the team’s objectives and milestones. It helps nurture the right culture for continual improvement and development.


Great technology helps instigate a solid, service-focused approach where Service Management professionals can bloom and flourish, knowing their careers are on track - and that their contributions are valued, appreciated and set to make an impact.



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