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A Trojan Horse: How Smart ITSM Technology Can Help Businesses In Poland Endorse Cultural Change

By Lina Vežbickiene, ITSM Consultant, Marval Baltic


According to recent reports, the IT spending in Central and Eastern Europe is estimated to reach 70.58 billion dollars by 2020. Spending on Internet of Things in particular is expected to reach $24 billion. With 45% GDP per capita (one of the largest in EU-15), Poland has enjoyed a steady economic growth since the early ‘90s and is estimated to be among the top spending countries in the region, scoring second right below Russia.

I recently attended a very successful conference in Gdynia, where I had the opportunity to meet many CIOs and IT Managers from major organisations in Poland. It was obvious, from our one-to-one discussions, that many of them were struggling to spark their Business Transformation process, although their strategy was crystal clear and the objectives were methodically set. These professionals seemed eager to move forward, invest in innovations and lead their organisation to further growth; but their plans were stopped by much reluctance internally. That should not come as a surprise, though: large organisations can be less flexible and less receptive to change, particularly when change can affect their culture.

Because business transformation is all about the corporate culture. IT governance, better performance, increased accountability, continual improvement, user experience, customer-centric service management, they all are values related to the culture of the business. They are values that affect people and are impacted by people. Therefore, they are engraved in every process, function and operation; making their modification or reformation much harder.

Great technology can help manage this challenge and endorse cultural change. Sophisticated ITSM tools, like Marval MSM, can become the CIO’s Trojan horse, helping to infuse new processes and the right culture across the organisation; one that is based on accountability, responsibility, better management of resources, cost reduction and, mainly, the delivery of a great service for the organisation’s customers.

Organisations in Poland are fast growing, assisted by a solid economy and friendly market settings. Business Transformation will help these organisations grow better, faster and cheaper, ensuring their long-term success and sustainability. After my recent experience in Poland and the fruitful discussions I had with IT professionals there, I am convinced that the market is mature and most businesses are ready to take the next step and thrive in the local and global markets. All they need is the technology that will actually enable them take that step, and do it successfully.

IT Market Trends in CEE - Download the Infographic here.

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