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Celebrating our 30 Year Anniversary

Marval is continuing its celebrations for its landmark 30th anniversary with a series of staff activities. At a recent commemorative ‘brunch’ Marval’s chairman Greg Pritchett reflected on the company’s achievement.

“Today was significant for me in many ways. Firstly, a realisation that the company I created with Don Page back in 1989 is very much alive and kicking (in fact, it’s in better shape than it has ever been in its 30 year history). Secondly, this year marks the beginning of a new Marval era, with new leadership and management teams in place to protect the Marval legacy that Don and I worked so hard over the years to create. The new team have a clear mission and vision of what we need to do both now and, in the future, and Don and I have committed to always being available as experienced sounding boards.

However, today is not about self-indulgence, it is a reflection and celebration of all staff past and present who have helped us arrive at this point today. You have been brilliant, and we sincerely thank you all!

My presentation this morning condensed 30 years into just 45 minutes, starting in 1986 with Don and I as expats in Holland, working at Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven. It was here that we were exposed to massively dynamic and complex environments, bringing together some of the latest hardware, software and significantly, some of the brightest technical brains in Europe (if not the world). It was during this time that the seeds were being sown. How do you manage the delivery of great service in such a challenging and diverse environment? With great processes, underpinned by a great software tool of course. So, we put some good processes in place, but despite searching high and low, no software to do the job existed at that time. I think you know where this is going – Marval was born and the rest as they say is history”

You can read Greg’s full personal account of the last 30 years HERE

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