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Long term support for select releases of Marval MSM

Long term support for select releases of Marval MSM

With the adoption of Agile in 2016 the frequency of MSM releases has increased significantly.

Whilst customers appreciate our ability to react quickly to their changing requirements, they also require stable releases with guaranteed, understandable support windows.

To ensure a smooth transition and seamless support, a decision has been made by Marval for  MSM v14.10 (expected in February 2018) to be the first Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Marval will commit to issuing one LTS release per calendar year which will be fully patched with any security, performance issues and general bug fixes; until the next LTS release.

Customers on a previous LTS release will only be supported for security issues i.e. when a new LTS version is available, the previous LTS release will only receive security patches.

Non-LTS releases will continue to be available in the normal manner, continuing a responsive approach to customer requirements.  Marval will not support patches for non-LTS releases but will commit to fixing bugs that have no workaround for the next non-LTS release.

Marval would like to encourage all customers to adopt the LTS release as an upgrade from older versions.



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