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Marval MSM v14.18 Now Available

Marval MSM v14.18 is our LTS release (Long Term Support) for 2020 and contains over 20+ new enhancements.

Our global development team had two key aims for our 2020 long term support release.

  1. To ensure the product is as stable and resilient as possible. To that end we have addressed all of the priority bugs reported by our customers.
  2. To enhance the functionality of the system in the key areas the feedback we have received has indicated. To that end we have included 25+ software enhancements in this release.

Full details about the Marval MSM v14.18 LTS release are available in the release notes.

Key Enhancements

Improved Force Validation

  • A new system setting has been added to provide the option to ensure that person details entered into the requests Contact field is a:
    • Registered person
    • Organisational unit
    • Free text

Enhanced Search Abilities

  • The quick search index has been updated to include a persons secondary ID. 

Greater Visibility for Deputy Approvers

  • Deputy approvers now have requests they have the ability to approve visible in their:
    • Worklists,
    • Widgets 
    • Self-service when the approver has marked themselves as unavailable

Self-Service Improvements

  • Optional Quick Search style capability to Self-Service. When enabled, the search scope can be set to search a single area or multiple areas within self service.

Please read the full Marval MSM v14.18 release notes to learn about further enhancements.

As this is the LTS release we are committed to releasing two patches to this release in the coming 12 months. The first patch is scheduled for June and the second for November. These patches will include any P1 and P2 bugs reported against Marval MSM v14.18. This is in addition to the extensive testing we have just put Marval MSM v14.18 through.

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