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Marval MSM for Technology and IT Service Providers

Enable digital transformation across your Organisation,
by nurturing cultural change.

Providing IT Services is not just about Technology any more. It is about embracing the philosophy, attitude and resources that help infuse and nurture cultural change; and enable digital transformation. Whether for your organisation or for your customers, you are expected to deliver on the industry’s pressing demands (Cybersecurity, High Availability, Business Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Social Collaboration, etc) and absorb great rates of change without increasing headcount or operational expenditure.

Marval MSM software can help you maximise both your investment in people and the profitability of your department, as well as:

  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Keep up with your SLAs, by helping you provide quality services on time and on budget
  • Ensure compliance with the industry’s security and high availability standards
  • Provide a consistent and reliable service to your customers
  • Empower your team to reach the department’s critical targets related to performance, responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Enable digital transformation; foster cultural change inside your department and across the organisation

Support business growth:
With increased safety of your IT infrastructure, improved delivery times, user configurable service level management (SLM) (SLA, OLA, UC), business rules engine, practical management of your demo depot, detailed inventory and effective finance management.   

Improve profitability:
With reduced administration costs, improved first time call and fix rates, comparable dashboards and successful management of assets, services and your best skilled people.

Minimise disruptions:
With standardised processes, self-service portal, risk assessment tools, personalised access levels, detailed reports and thorough documentation, that helps accelerate decision making and supports business continuity.

Increase collaboration:
With documented processes, workflow charts, user configurable organisational structures with supporting roles and responsibilities, real-time chat, knowledge articles, automated updates and frequent communication.

Endless possibilities with Marval...

Whatever your aspirations might be, we have the technology, the expertise and the people to make them happen.

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