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Manage my IT and service infrastructure, configurations and assets

Manage IT and Service Infrastructure, Configurations and Assets with Marval MSM ITSM Software

Using Marval MSM to manage your IT and service Infrastructure, configurations and assets will result in a single recording system with improved IT transparency and system consolidation, underpinned by process standardisation, using industry standards and good practices.

Marval MSM key benefits include:

  • The limiting of unplanned downtime as a result of having a single consolidated service asset and configuration database
  • Easing the burden of maintaining audits, using automated validation controls and record traceability
  • Increased productivity by speeding up service requests, fulfilment processes and change approval
  • Enhanced process standardisation using industry standards and good practices
  • Operational efficiencies and staff productivity gains, due to process automation and increased agility

Financial benefits include:

  • IT staff productivity gains: IT operations will become more efficient as a result of standardisation and repeatable processes, increased staff productivity and process automation with improved visibility and reporting
  • Minimising burden of risk: Reduced service downtime and outages, with fewer resources being used to meet audit requirements
  • Higher employee productivity: Line-of-business employees become more productive as processes in several areas (service requests, incident management, procurement, on-boarding, etc) are improved with automation, repeatable processes and improved operational visibility
  • Lower IT infrastructure costs: By leveraging use of Marval MSM to reduce datacentre and service availability related costs, as well as license and maintenance costs

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