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25 Year Anniversary

Marval celebrating 25 years delivering service excellence and innovation

2014 sees Marval celebrating 25 years of developing and implementing fully integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that have been adopted by both private and public organisations worldwide to ensure increased productivity and adaptability in service provision to maintain a reliable IT and service infrastructure.

Marval's approach to service management combines people, process and technology that all play an integral part in helping organisations achieve successful business outcomes and demonstrate the true value of IT to the business.

Marval is committed to the on-going development of integrated ITSM software, consultancy and education - ITSM solutions and IT strategies aligned with organisational strategies. It is a single-source supplier for all ITSM needs, designed to improve IT support service quality, increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, reduce costs and enhance the user and customer experience.

MSM - Marval's high speed, 100%  web-based, integrated software solution is underpinned by and fully supports  ITSM good practice and standards and governance including: ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, SOX and COBIT. It is endorsed as ITIL process compliant to gold level, under the Cabinet office ITIL software scheme and Pink Verified to the maximum 15 ITIL processes.

MSM has been designed to suit current and future customer needs, offering multiple deployment options; on-premise, customer-hosted or Marval-hosted SaaS / hybrid deployment solutions. A versatile, adaptable scalable solution, MSM can be easily deployed
to any part of the organisation requiring service and support, from IT to Human Resources from facilities to project management.

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Key dates in Marval's History

1989: Marval was formed by ITSM pioneers Don Page and Greg Pritchett. Their strategy was to move from a reactive helpdesk model to a more proactive integrated ITSM approach. At this point in time there was no other ITSM software and only six helpdesk software products worldwide.

1993: Marval was awarded the DEC Systems integration product of the year.

1993: Organisations' adoption of more and more desktop PCs meant that Marval products had to move from its then operating platform (VAX VMS). The first full re-engineering of the company's software to a client server architecture to be able to run on PC, Unix systems and Apple Mac was commissioned.

1993: As a leading figure and advocate of good practice within the IT sector, Don Page, Marval's CEO was asked to co-author the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework which continues to evolve and be adopted by organisations throughout the world.

1994: New, updated, integrated IT Service Management software was launched which was built on the principles developed for the ITIL framework.

1995: The first office outside the UK was set up in the Netherlands - the most ITIL aware country in the world at the time, to deliver its software solutions.

1995: The British Standards Institute wanted to create a formal standard based on ITIL principles; again Don Page was approached to be one of the architects of the original PD0005 Guide to Service Management, the forerunner of BS15000 and subsequently ISO/IEC

1999: A Marval customer wins the prestigious itSMF project of the year award. Since then customers have won 30 ITSM awards worldwide.

1999: Having outgrown its offices at Holdenby House, Northamptonshire, Marval moved into its current premises near Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK, giving it the scope to expand to meet the demands of the business and its customers.

2000: Marval was involved in the creation of BS15000, the British standard for ITSM. 

2000: A decision was taken to grow the Marval footprint internationally, mirroring the development of the itSMF as it set up new chapters worldwide. Authorised representation established in Australia, North America and Scandinavia.

2000: Marval CEO, Don Page, was presented with the itSMF Lifetime Achievement Award.

2001: To build on its holistic approach, Marval Training & Consultancy Ltd was established to focus on ITSM education.

2002: Marval established in South Africa and Malta.

2005: Marval achieves BS15000 certification. In December, after a 14 month process, BS15000 was fast tracked to become
ISO/IEC 20000; the first international standard specifically aimed at ITSM.

2005: A major technology and architectural review and refresh started in 2005. Based on Microsoft.NET development
technology, the focus of the MSM refresh was to provide an advanced, internationalised, cross platform solution that would operate across the Web, via desktops and through mobile devices.

2005: Marval was co-author of the syllabus for the world's first MSc course in ITSM run by the University of Northampton.

2006: Marval became the first ITSM software vendor to be certified against ISO/IEC 20000.

2007: Marval's 100% web-based ITSM software solution was launched.

2009: Authorised representation established in the Baltics.

2011: MSM is certified as ITIL process compliant to Gold level by the Cabinet Office and Pink verified to 15 ITIL processes - the first ITSM software to achieve this.

2011: Marval implements its first Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment.

2013: Marval is listed as a G-Cloud iii supplier for its SaaS ITSM software solution.